Study Online!


Online studies is an attractive form of learning that allows students to receive a complete education and bachelor’s or master’s degree from any place in the world with a considerable save of time and money. It is a unique opportunity to obtain a degree with the use of the most up-to-date educational technologies: easy-to-use e-learning platform, professional support tools, and on-demand access to study materials.

Advantages of studying online at UCSS:
  1. Professional team of teachers with over 10-year e-learning experience.
  2. Wide variety of interactive short courses and degree programs available anywhere, anytime.
  3. Flexible course structure saves student's time and money.

At UCSS, we believe that communication between the teacher and the e-learning group is a very important aspect of the study. Therefore, our online education is based on interaction, communication, and critical debate. Small groups, constant contact with teachers, teamwork, and group projects are the main advantages of studying online at UCSS. The academic year consists of weeks, during which serial or parallel program subjects occur. At the same time each student works on only one or two subjects, opposite to traditional study, where students are obliged to pass all subjects in a given semester. On the one hand, this system allows equally distribute work in the academic year, and on the other, ensures full and more active participation in a particular subject.