Applied Linguistics of English with Translation

Do you want to become a translator? Slow down ...:)

First of all you have to check if it is for you. Translation - both written and oral - requires predispositions but very often we have the wrong impression about them. Therefore the program of applied linguistics – translation - is prepared in such a way that when you spend over 2000 hours with us you will be able not only to take steps in translation, but also in other activities, which require well-developed language skills.

It is true that nothing is more important than your self-motivation. If you are fascinated by the work of a translator, if you want the chance of personal development, meet many interesting personalities (personally or in texts), if you like flexible working hours, helping others in proper communication it means that almost all of your deficiencies can be supplemented:

From the beginning, we will develop your language flexibility, memory, precision of formulation of utterances, listening comprehension, improvisational ability and many others. We will work with dictionaries and discuss how to use them in the most effective way, we will work with parallel texts, language corpora and other tools that you are probably still not familiar with.

As you can see some of these tools and skills are more useful for translators and others for interpreters. We want to equip you with the most versatile set of skills and help you to decide what to do with your future. For the same reason we will take up with both artistic and also specialized texts. For the same reason, the interpretation will show you how to work in translation booths and beyond them. We will give you a chance to try everything that is associated with translation – the moment for more concrete specialization comes during your Master course.

In addition, to show what the translation profession looks like in practice we offer you an internship in our Translation Office and Congress Centre.

Honestly speaking, we hope that after 2000 hours spent together, you will want to be with us for the next 1000 hours during the Master studies, during which you will be able to specialize in interpreting or translating.
It makes sense!