Rehabilitation with the addictions prevention

Work with children and young people of school age can be a great challenge for you, but also a pleasure and a chance to achieve the professional success and personal satisfaction. In the difficult period of development and maturation of a young man, under the guidance of a teacher, the foundation of personality is formed. You can affect it with your decision to go to college. You can do a lot for contemporary rehabilitation of children and young people and make it professional, competent and effective. You also believe that with gaining knowledge and experience you become a good teacher, tutor and expert in rehabilitation. If you smile often and like to grow professionally, you can make your dreams and career plans come true today.

The aim of the study is to gain a comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of health and education, correctional diagnosis, the practical application of teaching methods in creative rehabilitation, planning and implementation of pedagogical innovations in care and educational work. You can study preventive and rehabilitative therapy, addiction, educational consulting, planning and implementation of prevention and rehabilitation at school and outside school, conflict resolution techniques, techniques of work individually and in groups, work with psycho addiction, as well as preventive and social rehabilitation programs, the practical application of teaching techniques, interpersonal communication. You will learn how to customize forms of care and education to the individual needs of the charges, the use of innovative techniques and methods of care and rehabilitation work with addicts and socially unsuitable. You will get theoretical and practical training in the field of social pathology, independent and creative problem solving. Studies are familiar with the psychological problems associated with different life situations and a broad range of addictions, including the internet, gambling, alcohol, and drugs. The student learns the basics of psychotherapy and addiction treatment, management, planning, organization, facilities, and techniques to promote healthy behaviors.

The study program includes subjects such as: Introduction to Sociology; Sociology of education; Introduction to Psychology; Developmental psychology and personality; Introduction to pedagogy; Contemporary Approaches to teaching; History of Education; Theoretical foundations of education; Basics of general didactics; Methods of educational research; Social pedagogy; Biomedical foundations of development; Information technology and media in education; Interpersonal contact; Rehabilitation pedagogy; Methodology of rehabilitation; Diagnosis techniques of rehabilitation; The theoretical basis of addiction prevention; Art therapy; The legal basis for the care and rehabilitation; Social mediation and social skills training; Project management; Basic knowledge about addiction; Youth subcultures; Methods of prevention of addiction; Modern graphic techniques in rehabilitation.