Rehabilitation pedagogy with social prevention

Modern person functions in an increasingly rapidly changing society which places increasing demands to diverse social groups, both young people and adults. The world in which we live, unfortunately, is not free from many threats, such as alcohol, drugs, addiction; violence and crime; unemployment. If it is you care, you want to know the mechanisms of risky behavior and prevention strategies, you want to look into the problems of others, you want to help with the social adaptation, you want to examine and explore the essence of disorders of the social environment, and at the same time communicate effectively with pupils - this specialization is for you.

The aim of the studies is to get classical, fundamental knowledge in the field of rehabilitation pedagogy supplemented with contemporary views and transformations in the field of knowledge and educational practice. The aim is to educate students towards evolution, showing the theoretical perspectives of contemporary trends in correctional pedagogy, as well as the activation of the independent, critical role of educator in the modern system of social and crime.

Furthermore, the objective is to provide the knowledge of the theoretical foundations in didactics and to develop and deepen the ability to apply the theory of social rehabilitation unit in contact with social misfit, awareness of multiple negative factors determining the impact of social integration in isolation and an indication of the contemporary methodological solutions in the field of rehabilitation penitentiary, gain knowledge in the theoretical foundations of the theory and practice of contemporary socio-therapeutic, which is based on the work of community correction. An important goal is to create and develop students skills for effective educational interactions, as well as the skill to establish good contact with the pupil.