Elementary and preschool education

Work with children in elementary and pre-elementary  school may be big challenge for you, but a great pleasure too. It will help toy to get success in your profession, as well as personal satisfaction. During studies the basis of each child personality builds, and you may influence on this, choosing your profession. You can do a lot to make modern school truly a “second house” for many pupils. You can also believe that by getting new knowledge and experience, you will become good teacher. If you like teaching, smile a lot, and like to realize yourself professionally, you can make your dreams and plans come true today.
Studies extend basic knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and special subjects such as: early education, preschool education, pedagogical diagnosis and therapy, Polish philology, mathematics, environmental education, technical education, music education, computer technologies.
It also includes practical work in school and kindergarten. A graduate of this specialization acquires such skills as:

  • organization and implementation of integrated teaching process in the field of early childhood education and preschool,
  • interaction with the local community,
  • conducting additional compensation and socio-therapeutic activities supporting the development of the child,
  • use of multimedia in the teaching process, the Internet and professional equipment for video and audio playback,
  • acquire basic pedagogical, sociological, psychological, and educational knowledge necessary to understand the socio-cultural context of education, upbringing and care work, and construction of own professional development,
  • learn practical skills in communication,
  • the use of diagnostic workshop,
  • enriching and improving knowledge and skills in the practical activities and create your own methodological skills.