English Studies

BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE (3 year courses)

English Language Teaching

Within this specialization our experienced academic teachers will take you on a fascinating journey through the secrets of the art of foreign language teaching. Thanks to an innovative program of study that was prepared for you, the journey will be both a memorable experience and the most important lesson in the career of a professional teacher.

The journey you have already started at the point where you thought: "I will be a teacher." It means that you have to acquire knowledge and possess the willingness to share it. Together we will equip you with the skills to achieve the highest goals.

First of all, you will learn all about motivation. You will understand that you play an important role and you will learn how to build motivation in your students and in yourself. You will learn about what constitutes the process of teaching, so you can independently and effectively present and practice language. You will learn the rules of creating language tests, criteria for selection of course books, rules of creating lesson plans. As a result, a test designed by you, your chosen course book and given timetable will be arranged in the best possible way. A student attaches great importance to assessment. You will be able to assess him/her fairly and professionally.

In the next stage of our educational journey you get knowledge about conventional and nonconventional teaching methods. You will be able to evaluate their suitability and use the most important things while teaching language to your students. You will learn the characteristic features of individual learners and the factors that shape their personality - those factors that determine the language learning process. You will understand the role of individual differences in foreign language teaching, as well as differences in the approach to the student as a representative of a particular age group (child, teenager, adult learner).

You may appreciate the role of learner autonomy and need for autonomy in the process of learning. You will learn methods of coping with a pupil with special educational needs (difficult / outstanding student), you will gain the ability to cope with a dysfunctional student (with dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia), you will learn how to develop your own creativity.

We will ask you to pay attention to the source and significance of cultural and environmental differences to enable you to use this knowledge effectively in practice with your learners. You will understand the importance of learner needs (acceptance, security, self-realization and self-development) and moreover you will learn how to satisfy your students. You will learn about the role of a creative teacher in the classroom. You will learn how to manage time in an effective way, you will create original programs using traditional and innovative teaching aids, including those prepared by yourself.  You will be able to use information technology in teaching foreign languages effectively. You will study about the examination system
in primary and secondary schools in Poland. You will also be familiar with the rights and obligations of students and teachers, as well as the formal rules in schools. Moreover, you will be prepared to be an educator/tutor. We are going to help you to improve all those skills during placements in our schools. At the end of this journey you will be prepared for future requirements, you will be able to create yourself and develop your abilities, teach your students. You will be aware that knowledge, skills and competencies you have gained are very important, but also people are really important. You can get the homework assignment: to become such a teacher, that you have always wanted to have.

When we were organizing the educational process we adjusted it to global trends in education related to using modern technology - e-learning (part of the classes will be implemented by using distance learning techniques) to allow a graduate to get not only philological and pedagogical knowledge but also to acquire the competence in the practical use of information technology and modern training techniques. We were convinced that this innovative formula of education will contribute to increasing competitiveness of our graduates in the labour market and equip them with the skills of flexible self development, which are essential in the modern world.

Applied Linguistics of English with Translation

"Es gibt nichts darf und nichts geben, was nicht interessiert den Dolmetscher.

Do you want to become a translator? Slow down ...:)

First of all you have to check if it is for you. Translation - both written and oral - requires predispositions but very often we have the wrong impression about them. Therefore the program of applied linguistics – translation - is prepared in such a way that when you spend over 2000 hours with us you will be able not only to take steps in translation, but also in other activities, which require well-developed language skills.

It is true that nothing is more important than your self-motivation. If you are fascinated by the work of a translator, if you want the chance of personal development, meet many interesting personalities (personally or in texts), if you like flexible working hours, helping others in proper communication it means that almost all of your deficiencies can be supplemented:

From the beginning, we will develop your language flexibility, memory, precision of formulation of utterances, listening comprehension, improvisational ability and many others. We will work with dictionaries and discuss how to use them in the most effective way, we will work with parallel texts, language corpora and other tools that you are probably still not familiar with.

As you can see some of these tools and skills are more useful for translators and others for interpreters. We want to equip you with the most versatile set of skills and help you to decide what to do with your future. For the same reason we will take up with both artistic and also specialized texts. For the same reason, the interpretation will show you how to work in translation booths and beyond them. We will give you a chance to try everything that is associated with translation – the moment for more concrete specialization comes during your Master course.

In addition, to show what the translation profession looks like in practice we offer you an internship in our Translation Office and Congress Centre.

Honestly speaking, we hope that after 2000 hours spent together, you will want to be with us for the next 1000 hours during the Master studies, during which you will be able to specialize in interpreting or translating.
It makes sense!

Business English-Fundamentals of Economic Education and Entrepreneurship


Do you like and find pleasure in learning English? are you considering various choices of your future career path that allow you to use this linguistic fascination? Maybe you are thinking about a rewarding and well paid job in international corporations, institutions of European Union or a small family-owned company which has contacts with companies abroad. Or maybe you are interested in a more independent career and want to work in your own business. If you gave a positive answer to just one of these questions, then surely you will find yourself on a Business English course! We are confident that the course, first of all, must take into account your aspirations and your needs, but also we remember that the requirements of today's labour market are constantly changing. That is way we offer you Business English specialization which is similar to entrepreneurs' expectations and requirements of modern business, so knowledge and skills that you will have will certainly allow you to be flexible and mobile not only in local markets but also in Europe. You will become a creative, mobile person who is ready to take up various challenges, who is success-oriented and who can effectively achieve objectives. One of our advantages that helps to implement these plans is an intimate atmosphere of education which is conducive to realizing projects and individual contact with lecturers. Some of them are practitioners who find themselves in the business world. During the first year of studies - within the framework of general and more specified subjects – we will improve your abilities and language skills, we will intensify your knowledge about language, we will broaden your horizons and we will open your eyes to the world.
On the other hand, from the second year - thanks to specialization module - you will take your first steps in the business world.

Together with general language lessons we will introduce you to a Business English Language, so you will be acquainted with specialized vocabulary together with basic knowledge of economy and entrepreneurship (market economy, international economic integration, current labor market, organization and functioning of enterprises, management and marketing, finance companies, human resources , etc.).

You will work on the basis of authentic and up-to-date materials taken directly from the business world and you will get the opportunity to perform simulated tasks which are performed by a contemporaneous manager.

You may discover examples of broadly defined business correspondence. By using it you will be able to communicate effectively in this environment. You can also demonstrate your knowledge in this area by taking the international exam of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) that is recognized by employers worldwide.

During the classes of this module you will learn how running a business is conditioned, both within the European Union, as well as in our country. We will show you how to start your own business, write a business plan, get funds from the European Union and how to use the Internet in business.

Moreover, during classes we will put our effort to equip you also with skills that will provide you with efficient and effective functioning of business environment, such as creativity and flexibility of thinking, problem solving and decision making, adaptation to different working conditions, autonomy and working in group, communication, openness, ability to negotiate.

Thanks to our Academic Business Incubator you will get an opportunity to set up - on very preferential terms – your own business and you can immediately put into practice knowledge and skills you have acquired. You will get appropriate experience during professional placements in various companies.
Sometimes apparently difficult challenges are in fact simple and easy. You just need to find the right key and have the courage to take up the challenge ...

We are convinced that thanks to us you will get reliable and useful knowledge and practical skills so you will certainly be ready for this step ...

MASTER OF ARTS DEGREE (2 year courses)