German Language Teaching

Within this specialization our experienced academic teachers will take you on a fascinating journey through the secrets of the art of foreign language teaching. Thanks to an innovative program of study that was prepared for you, the journey will be both a memorable experience and the most important lesson in the career of a professional teacher.

The journey you have already started at the point where you thought: "I will be a teacher." It means that you have to acquire knowledge and possess the willingness to share it. Together we will equip you with the skills to achieve the highest goals.

First of all, you will learn all about motivation. You will understand that you play an important role and you will learn how to build motivation in your students and in yourself. You will learn about what constitutes the process of teaching, so you can independently and effectively present and practice language. You will learn the rules of creating language tests, criteria for selection of course books, rules of creating lesson plans. As a result, a test designed by you, your chosen course book and given timetable will be arranged in the best possible way. A student attaches great importance to assessment. You will be able to assess him/her fairly and professionally.

In the next stage of our educational journey you get knowledge about conventional and nonconventional teaching methods. You will be able to evaluate their suitability and use the most important things while teaching language to your students. You will learn the characteristic features of individual learners and the factors that shape their personality - those factors that determine the language learning process. You will understand the role of individual differences in foreign language teaching, as well as differences in the approach to the student as a representative of a particular age group (child, teenager, adult learner).

You may appreciate the role of learner autonomy and need for autonomy in the process of learning. You will learn methods of coping with a pupil with special educational needs (difficult / outstanding student), you will gain the ability to cope with a dysfunctional student (with dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia), you will learn how to develop your own creativity.

We will ask you to pay attention to the source and significance of cultural and environmental differences to enable you to use this knowledge effectively in practice with your learners. You will understand the importance of learner needs (acceptance, security, self-realization and self-development) and moreover you will learn how to satisfy your students. You will learn about the role of a creative teacher in the classroom. You will learn how to manage time in an effective way, you will create original programs using traditional and innovative teaching aids, including those prepared by yourself.  You will be able to use information technology in teaching foreign languages effectively. You will study about the examination system
in primary and secondary schools in Poland. You will also be familiar with the rights and obligations of students and teachers, as well as the formal rules in schools. Moreover, you will be prepared to be an educator/tutor. We are going to help you to improve all those skills during placements in our schools. At the end of this journey you will be prepared for future requirements, you will be able to create yourself and develop your abilities, teach your students. You will be aware that knowledge, skills and competencies you have gained are very important, but also people are really important. You can get the homework assignment: to become such a teacher, that you have always wanted to have.

When we were organizing the educational process we adjusted it to global trends in education related to using modern technology - e-learning (part of the classes will be implemented by using distance learning techniques) to allow a graduate to get not only philological and pedagogical knowledge but also to acquire the competence in the practical use of information technology and modern training techniques. We were convinced that this innovative formula of education will contribute to increasing competitiveness of our graduates in the labour market and equip them with the skills of flexible self development, which are essential in the modern world.