Visa and residence permit

EU/EEA citizens

UE and EEA citizens do not need a visa to stay in Poland. After no longer than 91 days of stay they need to visit local Voivodship Office and register. The applicant must prove that he's subject to a public healthcare insurance, and has enough money to cover the cost of stay in Poland.

Non - EU/EEA citizens
Non EU and EEA citizens must apply for a long term visa in their local Polish consulate. The certificate of enrollment is required. The visa is valid for no longer than 12 months and must be revalidated in a local Voivodship Office. The visa allows to stay in Poland, and for the first three months also on other Schengen Agreement member countries. It's also possible to apply for a residence permit. In order to acquire the permit, international students must have a valid health insurance policy and enough money to cover the costs of stay and return to the country of origin.
All international students must apply for a temporary residence certificate within 3 days from the date of crossing the Polish border. In order to apply, it's necessary to visit the local Population Registry Bureau in the Municipal Office.

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