What is Double Degree Program?

The Double Degree Program in Nigeria is an innovative project, that allows Nigerian University’s students to obtain European Bachelor Degree from University College of Social Sciences without the need of leaving the campus. Along with your University’s degree!
How are we able to do it?
In short, University College of Social Sciences approves your Students’ results and transfers it into European standards and grading system. Our lecturers come every semester to cover the differences between the plans of studies between our Universities’ programs, so at the end, the Student completes the UCSS curriculum and we can issue a degree in a given discipline. The program is offered in several different specializations in Faculties of Economics, Pedagogy, and Modern Languages.

Our University has been involved in Double Degree Program in Eastern European countries since 2012 and last year we already had the first graduates from Ukraine. In March 2014 we expanded to Nigeria, where we collaborate with a few Universities to deliver the same, quality Program to the Nigerian students.

The Double Degree Program is very simple in its structure and foundation. Below please find the most important facts about it:

  • Students study at their University, but are also enrolled as UCSS Students (are issued UCSS student ID cards, registered with European Higher Education System, etc.)
  • UCSS legalizes and approves all the Student’s grades, passes and results from the home University, as if they were issued at UCSS. We actually create the Student Book, in which all the entries from home University are transferred into European ECTS system.
  • As the European plans of studies reflect very closely the Nigerian ones, the UCSS only fills the differences between the two curriculums. In many cases, the only differences are the Social Competencies courses that are normally run at UCSS, but not in Africa. These courses will be conducted by UCSS lecturers coming to your University.
  • Double Degree Program runs for 3 years and is directed to the Students of the 1st and 2nd year. However, being flexible, we can also compact the classes for Students of the 3rd year to allow them finish the program in 2 years – in order to graduate simultaneously from home University and the UCSS.
  • On the day of student’s graduation, the students in Double Degree Program receive two Bachelor’s Degrees: one from their home University and one from UCSS. Both will be issued for the program, which student studies at home University.
  • Once the students become the UCSS students, they are eligible for all international programs that European Union offers - different exchange and ‘work and study’ programs. We also offer to spend the last semester of studies in Poland for those Students who choose to go abroad.


What are the benefits of Double Degree Program for the University?

  • You gain reliable, recognizable European Partner – a professional institution teaching for almost 25 years.
  • Double Degree Program run at your University can surely increase your recruitment, as you will be the one to offer European Degree without leaving Nigeria for a very reasonable price.
  • Your Staff and Representatives will be eligible for the exchange programs that we implement with our Partner Universities.
  • Your University will be one of the first in Africa to develop Social Competencies among its Students.


What are the benefits of Double Degree Program for the Students?

  • Program is very affordable, as it is funded in part by European Union – students pay usually a fraction of their home University tuition for the Program.
  • It multiplies Students’ chances by creating direct access to international job opportunities and improves their position on the local job market.
  • Students end up with Quality, Recognized European Bachelor or Master Degree by exceeding their workload by no more than 20%.


Why do we incorporate Social Competencies into the regular ‘hard knowledge’?

Over 10 years of continuous cooperation with the job market and the companies we place our students at, has provided us with a feedback about most desirable skills on the modern job market. As a matter of fact, we have crafted our curriculum to resemble the most the needs of current job market reality. It is not only unique and innovative approach, but also a key to the future success of your Students. Such skills as: communication, teamwork, assertiveness, motivation strategies, negotiation techniques, self-presentation, and problem resolution are what distinguish us from the crowd. The experience has proven that the Soft Skills are much more desirable by employees then the hard, professional knowledge. That is why, we will bring a new quality and professionalism Nigerian Students will love. How are we so sure that it works? Because over 80% of our graduates land the jobs in their field within 6 months from graduation! That is why, since 2010, we are scoring very highly in the private universities rankings in Poland and Europe. Not mentioning that Polish higher education system is ranked 10th in the world by prestigious Pearson Report.

 Why do Nigerian Students need the Social Competencies?

It was simply proved by a very positive and outstanding feedback from the Students. After conducting three semesters of Social Competencies courses at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, we have learned and observed how much they need the Soft Skills in order to fulfill their career dreams. Especially, that none of African Universities include the Social Competencies in their curriculum. That is what will makes it unique as well!


In conclusion, below are the main advantages of the University joining the Double Degree Program:

  • student obtain quality, internationally recognized European Degree from UCSS along with your Degree,
  • students need only a few additional hours of studying per week to cope with the program requirements,
  • low cost of the program (usually about a 1/4 of Nigerian University tuition, as the program is partly funded by European Union),
  • students can access the international job market opportunities, gain experience and build their contacts all over the world,
  • opportunity to participate in all European exchange programs,
  • collaboration with European University will make the University outstanding and distinguishable,
  • you will be one of the first in Nigeria to offer European Degree for students without leaving the country!


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Latest News

We are glad to announce that our lecturers had already conducted first Double Degree lessons in JABU! The program is running successfully, and very soon our lecturers will come back to Nigeria to start a new semester at JABU and Bowen University in early March. We sincerely congratulate students with all achievements in the learning and would gladly inform you, that you still have a chance to join us in Double Degree program! It is your chance to get recognized European degree and gain international experience! Visit www.ucss.eu or contact us by e-mail: international@ucss.eu. Be among the first in Nigeria!