International Office

The International Office is the service center for foreign students and for foreign universities and research institutions. This is where foreign students can find all the information they need on studying at UCSS, the terms of admission and details of recognition of qualifications acquired abroad. Information about the international student life in Częstochowa is also available.

Activities and focus:

  • Overall academic advice for foreign students about Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses at UCSS as well as language classes that we organize and in general about - studying in Poland
  • Answering inquiries from foreign students concerning application, admission and registration: How to fill out application forms, administrative assistance with the recognition of foreign academic qualifications
  • Advice about legal issues concerning foreign students (in particular immigration laws, visa, residence permit etc.)
  • Establishing, developing and maintaining good relations with universities and research institutes worldwide


Our address:
Nadrzeczna 7, 42-200 Czestochowa, Poland
Phone: +48 34 365 5802

We speak Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish.