Students’ organizations and initiatives


Is a global youth organization that develops leadership capabilities through their internal leadership programmes and engaging students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programmes for profit and non-profit organizations. Its international office is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The AIESEC network as of June 2010 includes over 50,000 students in 111 countries and territories, making it the largest student driven organization in the world. It is present in over 1,700 universities across the globe, provides more than 10,000 leadership experiences to its members and sends students and graduates on 10,000 international exchanges yearly.

Career office

It helps students and graduates enter the job market. It also advises how to fill in the application forms and how to prepare for the interview.

Annual Students’ Day

Each year we organize Students’ Day, on which various sports tournaments take place, for example a football match between students and lecturers. What is more, there are many attractions during the day like concerts or parades. Afterwards everyone is invited to a barbecue party where the students and lecturers eat, sing and have a good time.

Study groups

Students interested in a particular field (translation, literature etc.) gather to discuss various issues concerning the topic and deepen their knowledge.