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Double Diploma is your way to a successful future

Becoming a student of UCSS = becoming a student of the European Union

Double Diploma is your way to  a successful future

 Double Diploma Programme is an initiative allowing students to obtain 2 diplomas of 2 different universities (UCSS and its partner university) during single study cycle.

International students may transfer 80% of earned credit from their national university into UCSS. Additionally, courses that are transferred into our program for credit must be aligned with the coursework.

Full  Double Diploma  is mostly distance learning.  Bachelor's degree takes 3 years and Master's degree takes 2 years.  The cost of one year of studies 350 euros. During the exam period students have interesting classes which are conducted in English / German and Polish. Students receives an official European   Union student status, which increases the chances of obtaining a visa to the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other countries

Completing  the program, the student receives two diplomas:

Bachelor's / master's degree in the chosen specialty in home country;

Bachelor's / Master's Degree in Joint Program Specialty in Poland.

The purpose of Double Diploma Programme at UCSS is to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in studying at a foreign university and to enhance their professional training,

Start your path towards obtaining a high school diploma for international students!

Benefits of Double Diploma

1. Transferring of 80% of earned credit from   national university into UCSS;

2. significant saving of time for specialty studies;

3. obtaining a diploma of the national sample of Poland and its English-language equivalent;

4. obtaining a diploma recognised in all European countries;

5. experience of study abroad;

6. improving linguistic and communicative skills;

7. practical training in modern laboratories;

8. upon graduation, graduates will have priority to be employed in international companies.


Specialties at UCSS

¨  Philology

          English Philology  - Business English  

         German Philology - Business German

¨ Pedagogics

         Social work - Social deviations and social prevention



Becoming a student of UCSS =  becoming a student of the European Union 

·         knowledge of Polish culture and customs;

·         practice of foreign languages with native speakers;

·         possibility of professional internships abroad;

·         Online training - use of modern technologies in education (E-studio, Moodle);

·         obtaining high-quality professional education and internationally recognized diploma;

·         the opportunity to travel to EU countries, with financial privileges on par with EU students;

·         European Diploma - a priority in employment in international companies;

·         experience of living and studying abroad